How To Use The New Divi Elegant Themes Release WooCommerce Modules Tutorial by Pee Aye Creative

Overview Of The New Divi WooCommerce Modules/4.14 Update

This post and video is an overview of the brand new Divi WooCommerce 4.14 update and a tour of the new cart and checkout modules!

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Summary Of What Is New In Divi 4.14

New Insert Modules UI

The first thing you will probably notice when you update Divi to version 4.14 is the user interface changes when inserting a new module. In the past, all the modules includes those related to WooCommerce appeared in the main list of modules (when the WooCommerce plugin is installed and active), but now they are within an inner list found under a new item called “Woo Modules.”

new Divi Woo modules add module UI screen
new inner Divi Woo Modules add module UI

New Module Classifier Titles

One thing I noticed is that most of the old and new modules have one of three classifiers to help keep them organized and indicate where they would be used:

  • Product
  • Cart
  • Checkout

So most of the old modules now have the word “Product” in their name. Not all (strangely), but most.

New Names For Old Modules

Here is a list of all the names when I compare version 4.14 to previous versions:

  • Shop = Woo Products
  • Woo Breadcrumbs = Woo Breadcrumbs (same)
  • Woo Title = Woo Product Title
  • Woo Image = Woo Product Images
  • Woo Gallery = Woo Product Gallery
  • Woo Price = Woo Product Price
  • Woo Add To Cart = Woo Product Add To Cart
  • Woo Rating = Woo Product Rating
  • Woo Stock = Woo Product Stock
  • Woo Meta = Woo Product Meta
  • Woo Description = Woo Product Description
  • Woo Tabs = Woo Product Tabs
  • Woo Additional Information = Woo Product Information
  • Woo Related Products (same)
  • Woo Upsell = Woo Product Upsell
  • Woo Cart Notice = Woo Notice
  • Woo Reviews = Woo Product Reviews

New Woo Modules

The old version had a total of 17 WooCommerce related Divi modules. The new version 4.14 and onward now has a total of 25. There are 8 new modules, which sadly are only related to the cart and checkout pages:

  • Woo Cart Products
  • Woo Cart Totals
  • Woo Cross Sells
  • Woo Checkout Billing
  • Woo Checkout Details
  • Woo Checkout Information
  • Woo Checkout Payment
  • Woo Checkout Shipping

New Product Offset Number

We are flattered! We actually created and added this feature to the Divi Shop module when our Divi Carousel Maker plugin is installed. Now Elegant Themes realized it was a missing feature and took what we created and added it into the core. You’re welcome!

So what is it? The offset number is most useful in the Blog module (a long-time existing feature), but has a similar use case in the Woo Product (Shop) module if you want to display events in multiple modules. For example, when this is used with our Divi Carousel Maker, you can add multiple modules to the carousel, and each one represents one “slide” and the offset feature is used in each module. The first module is blank, the second has the offset 1 (skip 1), the third has the offset 2 (skip 2), etc. I’m honestly not sure of the user case other than in something like our carousel…any ideas? Let me know in the comments.

new Divi WooCommerce product offset feature in the Woo Products module

New Page Type Selector In Woo Notice Module

This is almost like a new module, because now you can add the cart and checkout notices in a module, which of course was not possible before. This module was previously oddly name Woo Cart Notices, but was used only on product pages. Now they added a dropdown selector which will automatically be selected to the product, cart, or checkout page. They also have plenty of new design settings to fit every scenario.

new page type setting in the Divi Woo Notice module

Lots Of Settings In The New Modules

As I browse through the settings in the new modules, I am happily impressed by the quantity of design settings they added to adapt to various scenarios. Some design settings only apply to specific situations, and since Woocommerce has so many scenarios and extensions, you can see that the Elegant Themes team had a tough job of thinking through everything that would be needed. I think in this regard the update is very good. I wished for more modules for the account page, but as far as settings in the modules, I didn’t find anything missing. Kudos to the team for that!

What Did We Miss?

I’m sure I missed something. I didn’t go over this with a fine toothed comb, I only glanced through it. If you noticed something new, different, or changed, let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the post. 

Sneak Peak

I expected more, but that’s okay because I have tons of Divi + Woo related tutorials in queue to publish! They are going to be really great, so please be sure to subscribe on YouTube and here on the blog. I’ll be starting the series soon! Let me know if you want anything in particular related to Divi and WooCommerce.


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