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Get To Know The People, Values, And Lifestyle Behind Pee-Aye Creative

Behind every small business is a life, a family, and a passion. At Pee-Aye Creative, our family has a passion for small businesses, conversion focused design, and endless outdoor adventure.

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We are a couple from Pennsylvania who loves to design by day and explore by weekend. We started Pee-Aye Creative to help other small businesses, support people with big ideas, and promote all the happy, adventurous, beautiful things in life.

Nelson began using WordPress in 2010 when he built his first website for his uncle’s orchard and farm market. He began handling all the advertising, graphic design, social media, etc. When the owners saw business increase 400% in one season, it obviously got Nelson excited for the industry!

Since then, Nelson has worked on hundreds of websites using WordPress and of course our favorite theme, Divi! After officially starting Pee-Aye Creative Co. in April of 2018, Nelson and Tashia worked together to grow their local client base and developed a love for helping small businesses.

With his love for teaching, Nelson has become known as The Divi Teacher and is one of the most influential figures in the Divi community. His written blog posts and YouTube video tutorials are extremely popular, viewed by tens of thousands of people each week! He even replies to every single comment on the blog and YouTube! Nelson now spends most of his time helping people and offering advice, and has a growing collection of Divi courses that are helping hundreds of people get started in web design! We also have The Divi Teacher Facebook group which provides a friendly place for Divi users to hang out and share their experiences, tips, and questions about using Divi in their business and marketing.

Along with the teaching, Nelson creates Divi products like plugins, child themes, and layouts. Nelson enjoys the project management side of it all, wearing 17 hats, and trying to manage all the browser tabs with a cute little girl playing at his feet and sometimes stealing the mouse! 🙂


Tashia grew up with a love for design and photography. She began taking photos and making videos with her sisters at a very young age. She developed a love and skill for painting and calligraphy, often using her talents to send encouraging notes and fun paintings to friends.

After getting married in October of 2017, Tashia began taking an interest in Nelson’s website work. Before you knew it, she was building her own sites with Divi! Working beside each other at the same desk, she would often get a big grin when she would use one of Nelson’s tutorials to help solve a problem or add a cool feature. In 2019, she created her first client website all by herself.

Tashia enjoys photography and gets excited every chance she has to take beautiful photos for family and friends. As a mother, Tashia now dedicates most of her time to Abrielle. She LOVES being a mother, and embraces it with such joy. She still plays a huge supporting role in everything that happens as a business, offering advice, encouragement, and design feedback.

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Frequent Questions About Us

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Our Company Values

Our mission at Pee-Aye Creative is to provide personalized website design for small businesses in Pennsylvania with realistic pricing and clear expectations. We are proud of our heritage and support individuals who own their own business and provide for their families. Our goal is to build a face-to-face relationship with you before we even begin.


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A Focus On the “Little Guys”

Most of our friends and families here in Pennsylvania have small businesses. We grew up with that lifestyle and genuinely want to help you succeed.

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No Outsourcing

We are a young couple working as a team and we do all the website design work ourselves in-house. After discussing your needs and ideas, we are the ones who make it happen, not random people in other countries.

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Down-to-Earth Local Folks

Our focus (as our name implies) is on the wonderful folks of Pennsylvania, especially those of you who own a small business. We love our state and go exploring it every chance we get (we even traveled around Pennsylvania on our honeymoon trip). 


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